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Our works

To disseminate digital “Sustainability” pledges

To be signed and followed by children and young people to increase climate literacy and awareness

To organize webinars and workshops

To provide a platform to the unheard voices who are the worst victims of climate change

To publish the first-ever sustainability e-magazine of South Asia, “Tal Pata”

Our sustainability e-magazine, Tal Pata, is being published mainly in English and other South Asian languages. To find more, click here

To facilitate the Climate Ambassador program

In this program, the selected CAs iterate and prototype project ideas to minimize environmental degradation and achieve a sustainable solution

To conduct research and advocacy

With an aim to understand the deeper linkages behind climate change and sustainability. The research we conduct helps us to do evidence-based advocacy to achieve sustainability

our achievements

  • To date, 3000 digital pledges have been signed (and are being continued) by the youth from arounf the world Find the pledges here
  • One research study on Ecocide has been presented at the International Conference on Political Economy of Climate Change, organized by the Association of Asia Scholars (AAS). To read the paper, click here
  • One research paper on Rainwater Management has been published in a Scopus-indexed journal, Water Policy. A Visiting Research Fellow from the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) has supervised this research project, and Lead – Research & Advocacy of VGO was the lead author. Read the article here
  • More than 5,000 people have been directly impacted and reached through our campaigns and activities
  • The Lead - Research & Advocacy of VGO led a team of 5 who conducted a study, “Eco-friendly Entrepreneurship to Promote Plastic Alternatives.” The article is published in Notitia. Read the article here

Work with us

Be a Volunteer

The volunteer program of VGO is a 6-month program. As a volunteer, you will assist the project team in implementing the planned activities, collect funds, and represent VGO within your network. At the core of our design, we put our volunteers. Our volunteers are our strength and pillar of the organization.

After successful completion of the volunteer program, you will be awarded a certificate. Moreover, we would like to offer full membership to our successful volunteers. As a full member of the organization, you will be included in the relevant committees and contribute strategically to the sustainability journey in South Asia.


VGO recruits undergraduate/graduate students from universities and colleges studying any relevant subjects or any fields who has strong passion in social work and sustainabilty as interns for a 3-month period. During the internship engagement, one can develop organizational management skills, interpersonal communication skills, and writing skills.

We expect that our interns will actively take part in any of the project activities, fund-raising activities, communication activities, etc., according to their interests and relevance to their education and career.

After the successful completion of the internship, you will get a certificate and a letter of recommendation. Your further involvement with the organization will be highly appreciated.

Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassadors will represent VGO on their own campuses. Campus Ambassadors will be our focal point for the respective institutes. We believe campus ambassadors will aim to increase the branding/networking of VGO. Furthermore, campus ambassadors will bring new volunteers to the organization from their network.


We are open to partnerships with like-minded organizations in Europe, Asia or around the world. If you believe in climate action, environmental safeguarding, sustainability, and inclusive development, then VGO is keen to be your partner and achieve the goals together. Write us in our email box or fill out the message box in the contact page. Our team will reach out to you soon.